Outdoor carpentry

Stripped wood surfaces are sanded and filled, if necessary, and then sanded again after filling. Previously painted surfaces are cleaned first with a suitable paint cleaner and then wiped down. Any remnants of paint must be removed and the surfaces levelled off with fine sanding paper. Ensure that the surface is wiped clean of all dust. Mask over, if necessary, using masking tape.

Using the correct gear is an important factor in achieving the best end result, consult your paint dealer.

Painting outdoor carpentry
Apply a base coat with Utegrund (exterior wood paint-primer). If the paint is to be painted over with a brighter colour, a tint can be added to the base paint. Use a colour paint brush, paint pad or fine roller and then a brush for smoothing off. Allow the base-paint to dry in a bright, well-ventilated space. Then apply the final coat in the same way, 1-2 coats, allowing proper time for drying using Storm Outdoor Akrylic, Stabil Opaque Woodstain or Solid Opaque Woodstain. More coats are recommended where clear, bright colours are used in order to ensure good coverage.

Cleaning is carried out using a mild alkaline cleaning agent, mixed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The surface is then rinsed with water and dried off.