Colorex Sweden AB produces paint qualities which live up to the highest standards. We have great experience in paint production and are dedicated to creating efficient manufacturing processes in order to ensure high quality products at low environmental effects and attractive prices.

This commitment to quality goes right through the company, from development and choice of raw materials, to quick delivery for the customer. Using high quality raw materials is important for us so that we can offer you the best possible choice of products. We have an industrial production control system and every paint batch is checked thoroughly. A paint order will only be approved when all our requirements have been fulfilled.

The Colorex Sweden AB production site is certified to ISO 9001 and 14001. Our Business policy is found here.

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Using raw materials that are as kind as possible to both health and the environment forms one of the core principles in our product development. Our large selection of water-based paints is proof of this, and a number of our products are environmentally labelled with the Nordic Swan and EU Ecolabel. Products which still contain white spirit now only use de-aromatised white spirit. We also seek to use white spirits with as high a flashpoint as possible in order to make the products safer for both transport and storage. Our factory is especially adapted for paint production and ensures minimal leakage of dangerous materials.

There is no water spillage from our production processes and cleaning fluids used in production are re-used in subsequent paint batches or in other paint compositions. Our Environment policy is found here.