Storm Outdoor Acrylic is an extremely weatherproof and dirt-repellent product for facade painting with anti-mould. Storm has also the highest UV-resistance for colour and gloss.
The warranty is valid for a quality which lasts up to 15 years on wooden facades. For best result, we recommend that the Colorex 3-step-programme is followed:

1. Preparation: Make sure that the surface is clean, dry and firm. Scrape off any loose paint and wash previously painted areas with a facade wash. Disinfect areas with mould or fungus. Let dry completely.

2. Priming: New timber should be primed with Colorex Grund I H2O  followed by Colorex. Grund II H2O Undercoat. Take special care around end grains and joints.

3. Application: Paint several thin layers of Colorex Storm Outdoor Acrylic and make sure the surfaces is completely dry in between layers.

Always follow the instructions of the label for each product. Don´t paint in cold or humid weather conditions and avoid painting on surfaces which are warm from being heated by the sun. Advice you professional paint reseller about the colour chosen to ensure it´s suitable for UV-exposure. We recommend to chose one of the Colorex standard colours for outdoor painting, read more here.
More information about outdoor facade painting here.
If all instructions have been followed and you still experience a difference in quality you can file for a warranty request via the reseller where the paint was bought. In this case you will be asked to present a readable receipt and documentation of the paint work process with photoes and information about the weather conditions at the time. Also save the batch number and NCS-code used. Colorex has the right to investigate the paint project in order to make a correct judgement of the warranty request. If this is approved, Colorex will offer new Storm AOutdoor Acrylic paint and this may not be exchanged to cash or any other type of refund. The warranty does not include costs for products or services in relation to the paint project, such as work costs, timber, tools, transport or the like.